About Us

"Eat what you grow. Grow What you Eat."

Our journey at Sustainable Sprout begins and ends with this simple slogan.

After years of eating processed and treated foods, we decided to take control of our life and eat locally grown and non-genetically modified foods. The sustainable food movement is simple, healthy and local. And it doesn't get anymore local than planting your own herbs and vegetables in your own indoor or outdoor garden.

Our love of design, gardening and the new found way of life of sustainability created the trifecta that is now "Sustainable Sprout". We decided to start a seed company that not only focuses on the highest quality Non-GMO seeds, but also to create product bundles that pay attention to design; and create something truly unique that is different from other seed companies. It is our goal to make the Sustainable Sprout seed packet bundles be the #1 selling gift for the home gardener!!